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Vancouver Photojournalist

I have a long history as a Vancouver photojournalist, starting in 1990 as a staff newspaper photographer, and then spending two years in South Africa as a freelancer from 1994 to 1996. I left photojournalism for a career as a commercial photographer in 1998, but returned to newspaper photography in 2011.

From 20011 until 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, I was the main freelance photographer for the Whistler Question, Pique NewsMagazine, and the Squamish Chief. I also handled the photography for their special publications, such as the Whistler Magazine, FAQ Magazine, Profiles in Excellence, and Discover Squamish. In the ten years I worked for the various newspapers, I won twelve press awards for photography and videography.

I’m also an experienced ENG and commercial video camera operator. I’ve been a freelance stringer for Global TV News in Vancouver since 2002, and have strong skills as a video editor.

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