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Whistler Wedding Photography

I’ve created a special stand alone web page especially for my wedding photography.  Feel free to check out

I’ve been a Whistler wedding photographer for over 20 years in the Whistler area.  As a lifelong photojournalist, I bring a unique perspective to wedding photography, capturing what photojournalists call the decisive moment.

My Wedding photography has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and I was a featured wedding wire photographer for having my client ratings in the top ten percent of Canadian wedding photographers.


How much do you charge?

  • I have detailed list of the wedding packages I offer at my Whistler Wedding Photos web page.  Generally speaking, small elopement weddings start at $1,000.

How many pictures will I get?

  • As a photojournalist, I’m what known as a heavy shooter. I take a lot of photos, as it’s better to have too many photos and then to edit it down to a reasonable number than it is to not have enough.  A good rule of thumb might be 150 to 200 for an elopement style wedding, while a wedding with a longer timeline and more guests might be 300 to 800 photos.

When do I get my photos?

  • Keeping with my bespoke ethos, I do all my own photo processing. Nothing I do is farmed out to external editing services, so a lot depends on where we are in the wedding season.  That said, I have as much of an urge to get a sneak peak at the photos as anybody else, so I’ll have a look through the photos and do up 15 or 20 finished photos from the day within a few days of the wedding.  For the finished photos, two to four weeks would be a good rule of thumb.

What can I do with the photos once I get them?

  • It’s a simple answer, you get to do whatever you like with the photos. You don’t need to come to me for prints or permission to publish them on social media.  I don’t put watermarks or other photo controls on the photos.
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