The Freedom Party of British Columbia, a new anti-LGBT and trans oriented party based in Surrey BC, held a rally at the Strawberry Hill Mall at the border between Surrey and Delta, which attracted a large pro LGBT counter protest.  I thought it sounded like a pretty interesting story.A couple of the counter protestors

Battle of the signs.

Tensions starting to rise.

Eventually the police had to step in to keep the two groups apart.

Tech Stuff

All the photos and video was shot with a Nikon Z6 and 14-30mm lens.  I also brought another Z6 with an 85mm, but didn’t end up using any of the photos from that camera.  I had a little Rode microphone (a friend of mine bought it in China and gave it to me as a gift) mounted on the camera with the 14-30mm so I could switch between photos and video.  The Z6 shoots awesome video, but the built in microphone leaves a lot to be desired.

The entire protest took place in a small corner space, so both groups were pretty close together,  so the wide zoom is really the ticket.