First some history.

I actually had two main web pages, and whistler  The reason for this was that I spent years as a wedding photographer and the domain was designed to sit at the top of the Google rankings, which it did for years.  I started the web page because as I increasingly moved over to commercial photography and didn’t want to brand myself as a ‘Wedding Photographer’ to my commercial clients.  This went along fine for years (I actually had the same WordPress them for eleven years) until last June, when some hackers got into my hosting account and filled all my web domains with re-directs to web pages selling Russian viagra.  Checking with some web expert friends, it became clear that the old web pages were irreparably damaged and the only thing to be done was wipe my entire hosting account and start from fresh.

The first thing was dumping the old and confusing web domain names and bringing it all under the domain, then giving myself a crash course in web page security.  My old WordPress version was three generations out of date and I’d never even heard of an SSL certificate, so that was definitely involved a steep learning curve.  Sadly, I lost about 12 years of blog postings, so from now on I’ll be storing them on separate hard drive.


What’s next?

Having had nearly two years of down time during the Covid pandemic, I thought it’s time to change things around.  I’ve made a decision to stop doing weddings and corporate events, and concentrate on photojournalism, industrial, and architectural photography.