The patio at the Beerfarmers in the Pemberton Meadows.

I had such a great response to my original Best of Pemberton blog post last week that I thought I would add another post with some of the locations that were named by Pique Magazine readers as the Best of Pemberton.

Bruce and Brenda Miller, along with sons Will, Sean, Tony, Liam, along with Tara Atri, of the Beer Farmers.

The Beer Farmers was a big winner and I had a great time photographing them,  It’s a craft brewery at the end of the Pemberton Meadows built on the Miller family farm by the family itself.

Hwy Cafe owners Leo and Laura Marques with baby Lincoln.

The Hwy Cafe is another big winner for the best of Pemberton.  The owners, along with their new baby Lincoln, are the nicest people.

The Pemberton community garden.

The Pemberton Petro-Canada station with Mt. Curries in the background.

Gardening was voted the best pastime, and the favourite gas station was the Metro-Canada.